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Panasonic launches HD marketing push around Olympics

Darren Murph

Given the amount of buzz surrounding the 2008 Olympic Games, we aren't too surprised to see Panasonic jumping on the bandwagon in an attempt to push its brand. The outfit has just kicked off a nationwide tour involving a fleet of customized trucks encouraging families to get their living rooms ready for HD. Reportedly, the flagship truck will be visiting retailers across the US and give prospective buyers the chance to snag an autograph from swimmer Mark Spitz and gymnast Kerri Strug. As expected, Panny will be handing out lots of free kit along the way, and interestingly enough, the trucks you see should look awfully familiar -- after all, they're the same ones used in last year's "Living in HD" contest (but with a snazzy new paint job). Talk about a good example of recycling.

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