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The arguments for power levelling services


The MMOG Philosopher has taken it upon himself to provide a little Devil's Advocacy toward the sometimes controversial subject of paying an outside agency to level up your character. While he's used World of Warcraft as his example, these apply to any MMO where these services are rendered. The actual title of this piece is "Five reasons why using power levelling services shouldn't have to be evil." His 5-point reasons are these:

  1. If ya ain't enjoying it, it ain't a game.
  2. Power levelling companies gotta play by the rules, too.
  3. There's a splinter in my eye - what about the log in your own?
  4. Big Blizzard is watching you.
  5. The lolcat's in the cradle.
Of course, for the full meaning of what these intriguing titles represent, you'll have to read the actual article. We take a hands-off approach here at Massively. The end result is the same: someone is playing that character, grinding it up. If it isn't the person who originated the character, it's their issue -- but it seems a shame to miss out on all that mid-level content.

[Thanks, Tim!]

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