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Funcom taking hard line on roleplaying rules

Chris Chester

Roleplayers historically don't get a terribly large amount of respect. Despite the fact that the very roots of the MMO genre go back to dice-wielding dungeon crawlers, they're generally treated as abstract curiosities and legacies of a bygone era. Even within the servers designated specifically for their use, it's really rare to see players roleplay their hearts out.

Perhaps mindful of this trend, Funcom is laying out some ground rules for Age of Conan. They're pretty standard fare; no cross-IP characters (sorry Sephiroth!), no ham-handed knock-offs from within the IP (sorry Kohnan!), a strict policy on out of character talk, and a reminder that the game is M-rated for a reason, and others. This is not so strange in itself, but it's nice to see them taking a hard line before the game even hits store shelves. For those interested, they're also soliciting feedback on these rules in the official forums. So if you've got any more brilliant ideas, now is the time!

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