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Nielsen VideoScan High-Def market share for week ending April 27th, 2008

Ben Drawbaugh

Home Media Magazine finally gave up on HD DVD this week once and for all -- well almost -- as the four top ten Nielsen VideoScan HD charts have been reduced to a single top 20 Blu-ray chart, and the since inception was replaced with a consumer spending on Blu-ray index. We have to say we appreciate these changes as the new information is much more interesting. This week is much of the same from last week, as the top title for DVD wasn't available on Blu-ray and although we were right in our prediction that this week wouldn't be very special, we were wrong about The Orphanage, which despite its subtitles, it was the only title released that week that hit the top ten, and only the second to make the top twenty. Speaking of top twenty, Blu-ray only managed a 6% share against DVD, but only half of the DVD top twenty is available on Blu-ray. Of course this should change by the end of July, now that both Paramount and Universal have announced Blu-ray titles. But until then, next week should be a little better for Blu with some help from The Golden Compass and 27 Dresses, but not much.

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