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Disturbed offers 'Indestructible' Rock Band DLC

Dustin Burg

Rock Band downloadable content used as a marketing tactic to sell more CD pre-orders? Freakin' genius! It's another Rock Band first that rock group Disturbed is pioneering.

Beginning this Sunday, May 4th for Disturbed's upcoming album "Indestructible" which hits stores on June 3rd, Best Buy will be offering two free Rock Band DLC downloads with an "Indestructible" pre-order. Album pre-orderers will be given a redemption code that'll allow for the download of both Disturbed's "Indestructible" and "Inside the Fire" Rock Band tracks. Currently, has a placeholder page for the special offer which will officially go live tomorrow. So, if you're interested in two Disturbed DLC downloads and the band's CD, then set your bookmark and get in on it come Sunday.

[Thanks, NUCK1N FUTS]

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