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Y2K finally strikes, crushes Grand Theft Auto 2 fans' dreams

Those who spent New Year's Eve, 1999 holed up in a bunker beneath their house, eating astronaut food while your superterranean contemporaries amused themselves with the ramblings of Dick Clark and the chonologically appropriate jams of Will Smith probably felt pretty silly when, you know, the world didn't end. Perhaps a technical snafu on Rockstar's website will slightly justify these worryworts' absence from the centennial shenanigans.

The snafu in question was an apparent countdown for Grand Theft Auto 2, leading many to believe the PS1 classic would soon be heading to XBLA and PSN Stores near you. Unfortunately, a quick check of the page's source code reveals that the timer was created in 1999, and that certain parameters have caused the countdown to malfunction in the 21st century. Rockstar confirmed that they have no plans to port the title, but reluctantly admitted that the countdown timer has become self-aware, and that today is, in fact, Judgment Day.

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