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One Shots: Welcome to Tortage

What is best in life? If you listen to most of the people who would pop by Massively on a Sunday, that would involve playing MMOGs! This weekend is no exception for most of the staff here. Many of us find ourselves in the Age of Conan beta, which is where today's One Shots was taken. This screen is of the blockaded town of Tortage, crushed cruelly under the fist of Strom. We won't give away any spoilers for those of you who are looking forward to this game, but this blogger can say that it is running surprisingly well on her machine, despite it being in beta.

Have you been playing in the open beta this weekend? Perhaps you're sticking with your favorite MMO instead. Wherever your travels take you this weekend, we'd love to see screenshots of them! Just pack them up and send them to us at oneshots AT massively DOT com. Your screens could be next!

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