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It came from the Blog: Mother's Day event


You are cordially invited to join It came from the Blog for a very silly event on Mother's Day. We are going to pay tribute to the women who brought us into this world by going to the place where she is mentioned daily: The Barrens. I know, she's not exactly mentioned with respect there. But the thing about Ur Mom jokes is that they are jokes. No one in Barrens Chat has actually met your mother, let alone done that with her. And it's time we exact a little revenge for our dear mothers and show that they (and we) have a sense of humor about it.

So go to Zangarmarsh server and make an Orc Female with a name that includes some form of "mother" in it. I made one named Mutti, which is the German word for Mommy. No, I'm not saying my or your or anyone's mother looks like an Orc Female. And I don't think my mom ever sported a belly shirt, let alone a mohawk and a nose ring. These females will not be representing the way your mom looks, but instead her inner warrior (or shaman or whatever).

More details are after the jump.

The meeting time will be at 4pm Server Time (6pm Blog/Eastern Time) so that you have plenty of time to take your Mom out for brunch or at least make a very nice, long phone call. We'll gather at the Valley of Trials and make sure everyone is in the ICFTB guild and the raid and run together to the Crossroads where we will make our stand... up comedy jokes. We'll show Barrens Chat how it's really done.

So collect all of your Mother jokes -- PG rated or cleaner please. We are going for funny or ridiculously corny, rather than crude. Jokes should be said in Barrens Chat during the event and the best will be (completely subjectively) judged by me. Winners will be spotlighted in a gallery to be posted the week after the event. Your Orc-Mom picture will be displayed along with your Mom humor. No actual prizes will be given, though I may have some ice cream leftover from Children's Week.

Let's break it down:

  • When: Sunday, May 11, 3pm Pacific (4pm Server Time) (Edited to change from March to May)
  • Where: Valley of Trials, Durotar (Orc/Troll starting area)
  • Server: Zangarmarsh (U.S.)
  • How: Make a level 1 Orc Female of any class with a version of "mother" in the name, for example: Mymama, Urmom, Robinsmom, etc. then send a tell to Mutti for guild/raid invites.
  • Bring: Your sense of humor.
You may want to make your Orc-Mom ahead of time to reserve your name choice. If someone from It came from the Blog is on, he or she can probably invite you to guild. You could also look for any one of my alts: Robiness, Robinelle, Robinara... well, you get the idea.

Come join WoW Insider for a tribute to Moms and the jokes they inspire.

Oh, and if you are looking for pictures from the fun we had for Children's Week, they'll be up sometime this week.

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