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ScreenSteps 2.1 beta: post lessons directly to your blog


When Blue Mango Learning Systems released version 2.0.3 of (TUAW favorite) ScreenSteps, its software for creating screen-based lessons, they added the option to output blog-friendly code for pasting into your own site. But some of us were inspired by the possibilities and cried for direct blog posting. Taking to heart user input, they've just opened up the beta of version 2.1 to the public with the ability to post individual lessons directly to WordPress, TypePad and Movable Type blogs.

It works quite well. On a Wordpress install with a basic theme, it comes out looking great, and adjustments are easy to make if you have a more complex custom theme. It adds a new level of usefulness to the software, in that it makes it a breeze to write and post tutorials to your blog.

In the early beta tests there were some issues with repeating an existing post with the intention of editing it, but the folks at Blue Mango have been working diligently to smooth out issues. If you spend any time instructing others on screen-based tasks, give it a shot. The developers would love to get your input as version 2.1 comes to life.

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