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This Wednesday: Wits & Wagers abets XBLA lineup


This Wednesday's Xbox Live Arcade addition is "trivia party game," Wits & Wagers. That's what it says in the headline. Not conveyed in the bold line of text is that the game offers 700 different questions -- none of which you necessarily need to know the answers to. You see, the trick is to place bets on the answers which you think are "closest to the truth." There's also "dancing characters and upbeat music" to look forward to, so that's nice.

Wits & Wagers (only available in the US, UK and Canada) supports 4-player couch play, 2-6 players online, as well as those wacky camera and big button peripherals you have hooked up to your Xbox 360. But how much is it?
  • $1,000,000
  • 239 Wii Points
  • 13 pieces of eight
  • 800 MS Points
  • The Truth
Place your bets on the one you think is closest to the truth.

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