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Wii Fit sells out on Amazon, 2.5 units sold every minute

Save has sold out of its Wii Fit pre-orders. We spoke with an Amazon representative who told us that the online retailer depleted its pre-order stock this past Sunday and had been selling approximately 2.5 units per minute since reserves began April 15. Amazon could not discuss how many units sold, but if we assume the selling rate remained steady from April 15 until the end of May 3, we're looking at 68,400 balance boards (check us, mathemagicians!).

Expect the mainstream hype train for Wii Fit to only gain steam leading up to the May 19 US launch. The "game" is already conquering the UK and Europe, it's being added to Westin Hotel exercise rooms and Wal-Mart's pushing the thing for Mother's Day. We're just waiting for Oprah to give one to everyone in her studio audience or Ellen to goof around with it on her show. You know it's got to happen.

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