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Glenn Beck doesn't like game bloggers too much


Okay, now this bit on Glenn Beck's show revolves around that GTA IV game, but he does manage to say something relevant to us (and, in turn, you all reading this). He thinks game blogs are a waste of time and their bloggers are "losers," citing that he could care less about video games overall, even though he has a pretty lengthy segment on his show about them (we imagine he's had other gaming-related topics on his show, but we steer clear of shows with hosts on power trips). We can only imagine what this implies about you, the reader, who spends their time keeping current on the industry news with us.

It honestly cracks us up, because not only is he calling us losers and pretty much saying video games aren't worth his effort, but he's being such a toolbox as to say his supposed opinions during a video game segment on his show. You tell us what is worse, fine readers: a person who blogs about something they're passionate about, or a guy on TV who talks about what his producers say are the day's hot topics and blatantly shows no regard for the subject matter?

[Via Go Nintendo]

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