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Activision enjoyed $2.9 billion in sales last fiscal year


Activision had itself a very good fiscal year '08 with record revenues and its 16th year of consecutive growth. GameDaily reports the publisher's revenues hit $2.9 billion, with net income growing from $85.8 million in FY07 to $344.9 million this past year. Amazingly, the fourth quarter of FY08, which was between January and March of this year, saw no new titles released according to the publisher and still raked in $602.5 million in sales and $44.2 million in profits.

Activision has many titles to thank for its banner year, including the billion dollar franchises, Guitar Hero and Call of Duty. The publisher grew its market share from 7.2% to 17.3% and says it expects new revenues this year of $2.75 billion; that figure does not include the merger with Vivendi Games, which will create the behemoth Activision Blizzard. Activision CEO, Bobby Kotick, says the merger is still on track and the company plans to make bagiggles of cash for its stockholders in the coming year.

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