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Demo for GRID races on to Xbox Live

Justin McElroy

You know why you're reading this instead of playing Grand Turismo 5 Prologue or Burnout or any of the multitude of other racing franchises available? Because they're boring. It's a true, scientific fact straight from Codemasters who said they're going to "make racing exciting again" with its latest entry in the Race Driver series, GRID. Now, you can put that to the test with the 750 MB demo that's just been dropped onto Xbox Live. (We're not sure, but with this being a Thursday we'd bet you'll see this on PSN later today as well.)

Graphically, Codemasters certainly seems to be on the way to its lofty goal. But the rubber doesn't truly meet the road, as it were, until you get your hands on the controller. As usual, we'd love for you to give the demo a spin and share your thoughts, that is if you can control your shaking hands long enough to type them out. You know. Because of all the excitement.

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