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Jittr Networks gets new Vusion name, same HD-over internet promise

Steven Kim

In case you didn't catch it, there used to be an internet video platform operating under the codename Jittr Networks. Don't bother learning that factoid, though -- it has relaunched, official-like, under the name Vusion (please disregard that the Vusion name overlaps with a baby ointment). Competition to deliver streaming HD video over the internet is heating up, and Vusion is promising to give 95-percent of all broadband customers access to crispy, instant-on, 720p images. Vusion's secret sauce is the familiar combo of network infrastructure and a cleverly-acronymed WARP technology. Don't get us wrong -- we're all for internet streaming of HD, and we think know that it's coming; but we won't start lining up until content providers do. [Warning: PDF read link]

[Via HDTVMagazine]

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