Internet tycoon Mark Cuban has little faith in internet video

It's been quite some time since we've seen Mark Cuban ramble on about a subject that mattered to us, but his latest post concerning the viability (or lack thereof, we should say) of internet video certainly caught our eye. Essentially, Mr. Maverick himself asserts that due to the open (and therefore unstandardized) nature of the internet, it's impossible to ensure that programming is being delivered up to par. Additionally, few Americans (and even fewer Earthlings) have an internet connection in their home with enough bandwidth to really enjoy unadulterated HD content the way we're used to experiencing it via our HD STBs. Still, we can't help but respectfully disagree that the current instability of the internet (in terms of content engineering) as a content medium means that it's doomed. Of all people, Mr. Cuban should realize that the demand for VIP slots to watch the NCAA Tournament online has grown significantly year after year, and there are more material outlets on the internet today than a single satellite / cable / fiber lineup could ever provide. Getting this plethora of content to high-def, however, remains the challenge, but we aren't giving up on the world wide web just yet -- far from it, actually.