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Portal gets new Flash-inspired maps

Justin McElroy

So we're sure you all remember our love for Portal: The Flash Version in which We Create Stuff took all the fun of Portal and bludgeoned it with a digital hammer until it could fit into two dimensions. Now, like in some sort of Tom and Jerry cartoon, We Create Stuff's Hen Mazolski has inserted a bike pump into the flattened game's mouth and re-inflated it to 3D, with all of the Flash versions' levels intact.

This is no mere rehash of the Flash game, though that, in and of itself, would have been impressive. At around 3 1/2 hours, this is a complete experience, with GLaDOS' urgings and taunting remixed to provide an alternate take on the Enrichment Center experience. If you're a fan of Portal, you really shouldn't miss it.

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