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Rock Band Weekly: Sonic Youth, The Clash and Blondie


Bring out the haters for this week's Rock Band Weekly update post. The songs are perfectly fine, but considering the amount of hate there is in any given week for really good tracks, we can only imagine what it'll be like for these songs. Come on, "Random Song Lover Defense Force," where are you?

Individual songs
  • "Hanging on the Telephone" - Blondie (160 MS Points / $2)
  • "Train in Vain" - The Clash (160 MS Points / $2)
  • "Kool Thing" - Sonic Youth (160 MS Points / $2)
Videos for next week's tracks are after the break for people to make informed decisions on whether they actually hate the songs.The DLC will be available next Tuesday and Thursday for Xbox 360 and PS3 respectively.

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