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Google to take over Sprint's deck and beyond

Chris Ziegler

Even as Android hums right along, Google's still not shy about pursuing every other conceivable angle to take over the mobile space, proving that it's one of the more platform-agnostic companies in the biz. The latest partnership comes with Sprint, where the carrier's content deck will be retooled to use Google for search -- a change that'll affect current devices, obviously -- but what's more, Sprint will start offering home screen search on some of its devices starting later this year (Windows Mobile-based ones, if we had to guess). Also in store are preloaded Google Maps and YouTube, two of the more popular mobile destinations in the game at the moment. Going forward, the twosome "will continue to explore ways to provide users with compelling mobile experiences and more application choices," so expect Google's future on-device offerings to be pretty easy to access from your Sprint weapon of choice -- not to say it's usually very hard to begin with.

[Via MobileBurn]

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