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OMGS4: Guns of the Patriots gets its first 10


Grand Theft Auto IV? 10! Halo 3? 10! The Orange Box? 10! And Metal Gear Solid 4? 10, of course! The UK's Official PlayStation Magazine has given Snake's stealthy send-off full marks, sticking a nice, round "10" at the end of a lengthy justification. "Ultimately, this is a game for fans -- and you should be one," writes Paul Fitzpatrick. "As for Snake? It turns out his last stand really is his finest hour."

Yes, we know. "No game is perfect!" You're right. "10 doesn't necessarily mean perfect!" That's true. "The promise of next-generation technology is finally paying off with increasingly immersive, detailed and hitherto impossible experiences!" Could be. "Snake's last stand is only an hour long wtf?!" Okay, you are an idiot.

We can't wait for more reviews to roll in, if only to see further evidence of Kojima stubbornly sticking to his comically over-the-top guns. You can cry about cutscenes all you want, but the man is finishing his story.

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