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DISH Network suffers 90% drop in subscriber growth during Q1

Darren Murph

Adding 22 new HD channels to its national HD lineup may boost the subscriber rate in Q2, but Q1 is apt to leave a lasting sting. While DirecTV managed to secure 275,000 net subscriber additions during its Q1, DISH Network mustered a paltry 35,000 -- down 90-percent from the 310,000 additions a year ago. Notably, the outfit still managed to report a higher quarterly profit thanks to "lower expenses following the spin-off of set-top box business EchoStar," but that little tidbit is mostly being overshadowed. Craig Moffett, analyst at Sanford Bernstein, even went so far as to suggest that the subscribers gained by other carriers during the quarter "clearly" came from DISH, and the company itself admitted that "gross net additions would likely continue to be negatively impacted by competitive factors" such as the expansion of FiOS TV. It's hard out there for a satcaster, wouldn't you say?

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