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First screens: Soul Calibur for XBLA looking sharp


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Been wondering what Namco's classic Sega Dreamcast fighter (and, as many would say, system seller) is going to look like when it hits Xbox Live Arcade this summer? So have we! Fortunately, before we had to storm down to Namco Bandai HQ, faux plastic swords in hand, they hit us up with these shiny first screens highlighting what to expect. We've laid down our arms, but our anticipation level has certainly picked up.

The screens show a port that looks decidedly crisper than the original, although featuring the same poly-count for the models and backgrounds. And what's with that "Insert Coin" stuff? Shouldn't it be "Insert Microsoft Points?" More on this odds-on, must-download (sure to take up a good chunk of your HDD or memory unit) as it breaks.

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