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SOCOM Confrontation interview details SIXAXIS controls, maps

Majed Athab

Another recent interview with David Seymour, design director for SOCOM Confrontation, sheds more light on the game and, in particular, on the game's SIXAXIS controls. The tilt capabilities will be used in "the old SOCOM lean," said Seymour. "[It] lets the player use cover in the environment in a very open way."

For those new to SOCOM, the lean ability allows characters to stretch out behind their cover position and get a better shot at their target without exposing themselves to the enemy. Seymour explains, "By tilting the controller, you stretch your character up to full extension or lean him out or any combination of the two. So you can lean up and out just enough to clear the tip of your barrel, over the roof of a car, or to fire through a gap in a broken wall. Lastly, there is a "bailout" position that you access by tilting the controller down, causing your character to pull his head down for cover behind low objects." The SIXAXIS has a second function other than for leaning; it will be used to "roll, lob, or throw" grenades. To see the lean in action, check out the last minute of this video here.

Also, some further details on the game's seven maps were also discussed. Five of these maps will be scalable with support for 8, 16, and 32 players while the other two only support 8 and 16 players. Four of the maps are all new, while three are classic remakes. If you're interested to read more about the interview, you can do so at IGN.

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