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Pokemon Platinum revealed, set for fall release in Japan

Pokéfanatics across the globe have been anxiously tied to their poké-related news sites over the past few weeks, attempting to prognosticate what gemstone/precious metal/color would serve as the title for the next installment in the beloved monster-enslaving series -- shortly after CoroCoro magazine dropped word of the upcoming Pokémon Platinum, the Sandshrew-swift Nintendo swooped in to confirm the title, and to reveal a fall release window for the game in Japan.

Following the pattern of pokéreleases thus far, it will serve as a companion to the two current-generation titles, Diamond and Pearl -- much like Yellow, Crystal, and Emerald did for their respective generations. That means we'll likely be treated to new sprites for many the monsters, and a few tweaks to the story, but not many new entries into the ol' Pokédex. Perhaps that expansion will come in the franchise's next generation, Pokémon Ununbium and Cadmium.

[Thanks, Vinay.]

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