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Humanoid Mega Dynamizer robot mows down lawns, our hearts


Sure, you can get a robot that mows lawns and nothing else, but what about those of us that are holding out for a humanoid robot that'll save all our 20th century tools from the scrap heap? While that possibility is still quite a ways off, we can now at least get a glimpse of our possible future on a comically-sized scale courtesy of the video after the break, which shows the Mega Dynamizer robot doing its thing with reasonable effectiveness -- at least until it runs into a doghouse. Of course, those that follow such things will recall that this is hardly the first time that the Dynamizer family of robots has taken on some decidedly human-like activities, with one of Mega Dynamizer's predecessors having already proven itself a relatively capable downhill skier.

[Via BotJunkie, thanks Tony S.]

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