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Jaman rolls out choice of ads or no ads on select HD titles

Steven Kim

Jaman is no newcomer to the internet video biz, but it has put a new spin on its offerings. An initial slate of 100 films will be available via the internet in HD-quality, and you get a choice of how to view them: either free, ad-supported in-browser streaming; or as a download without ads for $1.99. Downloads will play back on Windows, Mac and Linux machines as a 7-day, unlimited viewing rental. We like the choice, and those are pretty good terms to boot. But as always, content is king. Luckily for us, Jaman has a good-sized library of indie and foreign offerings -- if it can expand this model to more of its catalog, we think it might be on to something. Since IFC partnered with Blockbuster, we're happy to see some more channels open up for indies.

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