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Rogers getting BlackBerry Pearl 8120 soon?

Chris Ziegler

Rogers loves it some BlackBerry, and seeing how the Canadian behemoth's closest American analog, AT&T, now has both next-gen Pearls in its stable, we see no reason to believe that this won't happen. MobileInCanada is reporting that Rogers is gearing up to add the WiFi-packing 8120 alongside the GPS-equipped 8110, a phone that it already sells for $199.99 CAD (about $201) on contract. Heck, Rogers still proudly sells the original 8100 for a hundie less, so they could very well end up with a Pearl trifecta if they play their cards right. No word on when we might see this pop up exactly, but as for pricing, it'd have to slot in above the 8110 if AT&T's strategy is any indication.

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