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The Trading Table comes to Webkinz

Michael Zenke

The thousands of happy kids that care for their 'kinz online every day now have a new way of playing. Ten Ton Hamster has the word that Webkinz will now allow players to trade their virtual pets in an online trading room. It's much the same way that kids trade their real world plush. Players are allowed to trade with a given person only once per day, and the official site stresses that "the only trades allowed in Webkinz World are made in the Trading room!" An official notice went up reinforcing this concept, proving that RMT and player-to-player sales are a problem even in worlds aimed at the smallest of players.

A post on the TTHamp site earlier this month discussed this new game element in greater detail. You'll only be able to trade in the Clubhouse, and there are a number of security elements behind the scenes that required the once-per-day-per-person trading limit. The interview with the folks at Ganz points out that new chat elements were added to facilitate trading, and that (someday) Kinz Chat Plus might return. Check out the piece for the entire lowdown.

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