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DirecTV HD, now with one wire!

Ben Drawbaugh

One of the challenges satellite providers have faced when deploying multi-tuner DVRs and HD, is the fact that most homes only have one wire running into the house and each tuner in each HD DVR needs its own wire -- so if you have four HD DVRs, you need eight wires! That is about to change and our friends over at have gotten a chance to spend some time with DirecTV's new Swing Wire LNB. Using the Single Wire LNB on your DirecTV satellite dish, a single wire can with splitters can service all your dual tuner DVRs and you can still record two shows at once. You will also no longer need those annoying B-Band converter and you can finally use OTA diplexers again -- but odds are the splitters in your house will have to be upgraded, as well as any old receivers. A Single Wire Multi-switch that was also recently released can be used with four coax runs to your existing LNB, includes an OTA input for diplexers, and still eliminates the need to run two coax cables to each dual tuner DVR. Of course you really don't need to know any of this, because the DirecTV installers will just start using the new equipment in the near future to ease the burden on themselves when doing new installs, but either way here's one less reason not to switch to satellite.

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