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New Empyrean Age devlog explains the lack of alliance support in factional warfare

Andrew Russo

There is a mothership crashing into an enemy station, a distraught news caster, and a frightened mob in a video that marks the beginning of factional warfare for Empyrean Age. Fans of EVE Online have been waiting years for the release of factional warfare. However, something is missing from the conflict that is causing a few outbursts and even some rather large explosions. Players were informed that alliances are not allowed to participate in the factional warfare.

EVE Online has many alliances, and some of them shifted their fire towards CCP when word reached players that their alliance had to sit this one out. The hail of rocket fire caused Greyscale to hop onto the forums and post a response to some of the concerns. Within the post were a few key notes:

  • Alliances will not dominate factional warfare and their exclusion encourages players not in an alliance to participate
  • Alliances, mechanically speaking, cannot receive standings from factions
  • Role playing guidelines dictate that the major factions do not want alliance politics meddling in their affairs
The alliance and factional warfare devlog by Greyscale is still causing ammo to ping off the sides of the CCP flagship, but at least there is an explanation. Capsuleers, especially some of the veterans and alliance members, remain a bit uneasy about the rule. Pilots are encouraged and welcomed by Greyscale to offer their suggestions on the EVE forums, so feel free to toss in your two isk!

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