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A chat with Stargate Worlds' Joe Ybarra

Kyle Horner

The guys over at caught up with Joe Ybarra from Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment's (or CME for short) Stargate Worlds last week at ION to talk about their upcoming MMO. If you didn't catch it when it originally went up, we sat in on his "MMOs and Hollywood" panel during the conference. Joe has a lot of interesting things to say about not only the industry at large, but his companies' game.

Being that Stargate Worlds is expected to pull in both the TV series audience as well as MMO players, the team at CME is designing their title with a high level of accessibility. The title's story takes place in a modern -- or even futuristic -- setting, which means combat is similarly modern. We really love the idea that combat is being designed as a one-against-many affair in Stargate Worlds. Joe mentions that the minimum is one player-on-three NPCs and their median is about five or seven against one. That means you can expect battles to feel very action-packed, especially when you're in a group with four of five other players!

The interview with Ybarra also touches on the possibility that some of the actors from the television series may (or may not) end up participating in live events as their characters. Why? Simply because the actors themselves play MMOs, which is pretty cool. We're just curious how you pay an actor for that, beacuse it doesn't seem like standard SAG work to us.

If it comes true, however, expect some incredibly awesome live events from the team at CME. We highly recommend checking this game out whether you're a Stargate fan or not. It just sounds very cool, especially after hearing what Joe Ybarra had to say to and at his ION panel.

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