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HTC's Touch Diamond gets early review

Tim Stevens

It's been about two weeks since we first got our hands on HTC's hot little Touch Diamond, set to displace the vanilla Touch as the sexiest Windows Mobile device in the States. Since then, other than a look in the box and some bold predictions of success, we haven't seen much of the thing. Meanwhile Russian gadget site mobile-review certainly has, posting a thorough hands-on with a pre-release. The size is apparently good, slightly smaller but noticeably better than the already svelte Touch, and the 2.8-inch VGA screen impressive. However, the reviewer seems a bit worried about the magnetic stylus falling out on its own accord, and indicated battery life will fall short of HTC's other models (without mentioning any specifics). That's unfortunate, but given the 528MHz CPU is twice the speed of the chip in the earlier Touch and the battery within the thing's faceted back is smaller, shouldn't come as a surprise.

[Thanks, Marios]

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