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So what is EVE Online's player council all about?

Andrew Russo

Voting is over for candidates of the Council of Stellar Management. The campaign slogans, the fund raising, the unexplained pod poppings, and the attack ads are all over. The next step in the process is selection of the candidates, which should happen today. If you are new to EVE Online, interested in learning about the council, or simply oblivious to it all due to 24 hour mining operations, there is an easy way to get brought up to speed quickly!

A 20 page explanation of the CSM is available, but that is not exactly a quick way of getting acquainted with in-game politics. Instead, CCP has provided a CSM information website to navigate to that explains the process, points out important posts, and could make a good start for those of us writing a thesis paper on the subject. Everything from how the voting worked to important devlogs is covered for easy reference. The first meeting between the CSM and CCP is scheduled for the 20th of June, so there is plenty of time to get yourself acquainted with how the world of EVE Online is going to be affected.

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