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Alpha: DK mount, starting gear?

Eliah Hecht

More delicious rumors are starting to surface regarding what the Death Knight starts out with. Recall that he springs fully armed like Athena from Eastern Plaguelands (which when you think about it is kind of the forehead of Azeroth; it is, at least, a giant headache), and we were told earlier that he will come with the ability to summon a normal-speed mount. Well, rest easy: from what I'm seeing, it seems that mount does indeed greatly resemble the Baron's Deathcharger (Baron's mount pictured; to see the DK mount, look here). And there was much rejoicing.

We have also been told that the DK will start with a mix of blue and green gear. I'm now seeing in several places what are, allegedly, a set of screenshots of the starting gear. The going opinion is that this is not faked or from a private server (because there are multiple players visible as well as a functioning NPC), but of course those are eminent possibilities. The appearance does match the picture Blizz gave us on their official site, though.

Assuming these are real, it turns out that "mix of greens and blues" means "green armor, blue weapon," which is fine because, after all, the weapon is the most important part. Of course, the weapon currently in game by that name is a random-enchantment green, and doesn't look at all like the alleged alpha screenshots, but it's certainly possible that Blizz intends to revamp it in Wrath. As far as the stats go, it's mostly Strength, a fair amount of Stam, a nice bit of Crit, somewhat less Agi and Haste, and just a touch of Hit. So it stands to reason that Strength is probably the DPS stat for DKs.

What do you think? Real? Fake? Don't care because it's awesome?

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