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SpamSieve 2.7 is available


The great SpamSieve was updated earlier this week to version 2.7. If you're unfamiliar with SpamSieve, you're probably inundated with unwanted email.

It's a piece of software that works with your email client and excels at squashing spam long before you ever see it. Over time, it gets better at identifying what you consider spam as well as those benign messages you want to see. Version 2.7 offers many great improvements, including:

  • Several variety of accuracy improvements, focused on dealing
  • Improved corpus speed and memory use
  • Various improvements to the column widths and alignments
  • in the rules and corpus windows, and added alternating row
  • colors
There's more, of course, and you can read the rest here. While you're at it, read this tutorial for setting up a drone SpamSieve Mac. I've been running one for months and it works wonderfully.

SpamSieve 2.7 is a free update for registered users and requires Mac OS X 10.4 or later.

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