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Tim Schafer had a baby! (not literally)

Justin McElroy

We don't know what the title of Game of the Year 2031 is going to be, but we know the lead designer's name: Mary Schafer. How can we be so sure? Well, that's the name of Joystiq Favorite Living Human Tim Schafer's new daughter, born yesterday and sitting comfortably at 7lbs 10oz.

So, why are we suddenly in the baby business? It's not because our icy, black hearts have softened any (they haven't). But think about how big of a deal the announcement of a sequel to any Tim Schafer game would be. Huge, right? Well, we've done one better and announced the sequel to Tim Schafer. Hope Digg is well-stocked with shovels, because we're headed to China.

[Thanks, Danny]

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