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Times Reader Beta now available

Scott McNulty

A few days ago I mentioned that the Time Reader Beta would soon be open for Mac users, but I had no idea how soon it would actually appear.

Today the New York Times has released the Mac beta of their Times Reader. For those that don't know, the Times Reader is a stand alone app that tries to marry to best aspects of reading the Times on the web with the high quality typography and readability one finds in the physical paper.

As many Mac users have bemoaned, the Times Reader is built upon Microsoft's Silverlight technology allowing them to develop the app for both Windows and OS X.

While the Times Reader for Mac is in beta it is free, though once it leaves beta it will only be available via subscription. Check out the Frequently Asked Questions for more answers, and our gallery showing screenshots of the install process and of the app itself.

Gallery: Times Read Beta first look | 7 Photos

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