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Wii smashes PS2 software sales record


The folks in Nintendo's PR department, gawd bless 'em, have milked yet another statistic from the Wii's early success: according to the firm, approximately 50 million games were sold during the console's first 18 months on the market -- and that's not including Wii Sports or Virtual Console releases.

This, declared Nintendo of America's Cammie Dunaway, compared favorably to the PlayStation 2, which Nintendo claims sold only 42 million units in its opening 18 months, the Xbox 360 (around 30 million), the first Xbox (28 million), and the PlayStation 3 (20 million). No mention of the Dreamcast, we notice. Got something to hide, Nintendo? Okay, well probably not.

"While we appreciate the impact the Playstation 2 had on sales and the industry, perhaps we are even more impactful," remarked Dunaway.

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