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Denon rolls out updates across 10 receiver models

Steven Kim

Because it covers just about every price point in its receiver lineup and doesn't want to leave anybody feeling slighted, Denon is bringing updates to 10 models in the heart of its offerings. The company is emphasizing bang-for-your-buck in the AVR-589 ($299), AVR-689 ($399), AVR-789 ($599), AVR-889 ($749), AVR-989 ($1199), AVR-1909 ($649), AVR-2309CI ($849) and AVR-2809CI ($1199). It's a good-looking refresh: on the video side, the emphasis on more HDMI 1.3a inputs and 1080p video upscaling. On the audio side, Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD MA decoding, Audyssey room tuning (MultiEQ) and volume regulation (Dynamic EQ and Dynamic Volume) get sprinkled through the lineup liberally. All this goodness should be finding its way to your dealer soon; expected availability is July. If you're in the market for a new receiver, hit the link for the details and decide if you want to wait on these new models or score a deal on the outgoing ones.

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