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Devo songs coming to Rock Band (no, we're not sure about 'Whip It')

Keyboard peripheral be damned! Seminal synth pop superstars Devo are coming to Rock Band, frontman Mark Mothersbaugh tells X-Play, and they've even re-recorded one synth-heavy song to do it. "They wanted 'Through Being Cool' for some reason," he says, "Which is kind of odd because it's all synth solos, so we re-recorded ... all my synth solos, synth leads, as guitar leads."

Mothersbaugh says there are two other songs coming in addition to "Through Being Cool" leading us to believe we'll see them all collected as a three-song track pack. In accordance with the "Devo Obligatory Whip It Mentioning Law of 1980" we'll note here that one of those songs is statistically likely to, in fact, be "Whip It." Check out the video clip after the break and see if you can't catch Mothersbaugh subconsciously mouthing out the names of other two songs ... or perhaps, unknowingly making furtive whip-cracking gestures.

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