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ROBO Builder kit now available to order


Budding robot-builders certainly don't have any shortage of kits to choose from these days, but this new self-descriptive ROBO Builder set looks to be a good deal more complete than most and, compared to the norm, is somewhat more reasonably priced. This one will let you assemble three different bots (dubbed DINO, HUNO and DOGY) out of the included robot building blocks, each of which can apparently be programmed to perform various activities, or simply be controlled via a computer or remote control. You can also get your choice of black or transparent kits, the latter of which appears to boast some significantly more advanced break-dancing skills. It's also a good deal more expensive, costing 660,000 won (or $630) compared to the 450,000 ($430) for the basic black version.

[Via The Gadgets Weblog]

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