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Secret of the Solstice heeds player requests, enables guilds


Outspark's Secret of the Solstice has gotten a new feature in the form of guilds, which has been a frequently-requested addition for a while. According to the site, guild features include emblems, storage space, a bank, and system-wide notices to all guild members, though emblem-creators are warned that only the first emblem is free to create, so be careful.

Other Solstice-related news is the addition to the game of Korean-themed items to further commemorate Asian Pacific American Heritage Month. Apparently, wearing food items on one's head is a popular thing, because players will have the option of choosing to wear dim sum as a hat. According to the site: "Two dumplings make you look yummy." We'll, uh ... we'll just leave you to it.

[Thanks, Travis!]

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