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Stringer urges Sony to "get mad," baffle with metaphors


Sony has certainly captured our attention under the command of Sir Howard Stringer. Prior to his March 7th 2005 appointment to the CEO position, it was hard to imagine the beleaguered consumer electronics giant having the guts to take on such aggressive risk taking adventures as Blu-ray, OLED TVs, and in its own small way, the Rolly. Now, after completing his planned turnaround and tripling Sony's profits, Stringer has reportedly let loose with a fire and brimstone speech meant to compel the thousand-strong Sony managers gathered in a closed-door session into action. Urging them to avoid complacency, Stringer said, "I'm asking you to get mad" and be more "energetic," "bold," and "imaginative" at running the business. To sum things up, British-born Stringer slapped up a slide showing a fork in the road. At which point, the Japanese management team whispered, "what's a fork?"

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