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It's not the P5, it's not the Paris, it's the Sony Ericsson P200

Chris Ziegler

The so-called Paris halo phone from Sony Ericsson has been rumored as a successor to the P1 seemingly since before the P1 even existed, promising a sliding QWERTY rocker keypad, HSDPA, serious shooting power, and a fashion sense that should let it fit in both in social and corporate settings with equal aplomb. It's a minor detail, granted, but now it looks like we know what to call it: P200. That's the official model number being floated by a leaked profile document on Sony Ericsson's site, though the mention of mere QVGA resolution to fill the rumored 2.6-inch display is a pretty big downer. With high-res displays finally becoming a big deal in smartphones this year, we can imagine a decent number of shoppers passing over this one thanks to that little indiscretion alone. Last chance to send this one back to the drawing board and swap out the display, guys!

[Via Cellpassion]

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