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Vollee to include iPhone support for their mobile Second Life client


Last month we reported on the company Vollee and their mobile gaming platform, which will be offering Second Life access to mobile phone users. Also last month, we confused some readers by using the above photoshopped photo of Second Life on the iPhone. We apologize for the confusion caused by the photo originally, as Vollee had not announced iPhone support, but the good news is that Vollee has confirmed that their client will be available for the iPhone in addition to the other phones announced!

Think confirmed this information with Vollee, revealing that the company will be supporting both 3G networks as well as wi-fi, which means the iPhone will be supported at launch. In a statement to Think Artificial, the company stated that "All we need is a fast connection, so yes wi-fi works fine."

So, it looks like iPhone users will also be able to get their Second Life fix in with the rest of the mobile crowd. If you're intrigued and wish to get in on the action, Vollee is still accepting beta tester signups on their main website. So if you missed our previous report or were worried that the iPhone wouldn't be supported, now is your chance to run over and get a piece of the action before it's gone.

[Thanks, Hrafn!]

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