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Finally! Someone who's not playing Age of Conan

Shawn Schuster

They've blogged about their Hyborian adventures several times. Heck, they've even started a podcast about Age of Conan in hopes of delivering their ongoing impressions on the game for a long time. Yet Keen and Graev have presented us with their final verdict: they're not going to continue with AoC.

Why should we care, you might ask? Well, while their opinions are certainly their own, Keen and Graev have proven their knowledge of MMOs in the past, and their views are generally appreciated by many players. This latest final verdict of AoC from them is refreshing as it doesn't focus on the same things we've heard about from everyone else, but they're giving us their views on what aspects they didn't enjoy. Not only that, they present this information in a respectable manner. So if you feel you may be all alone in your lack of interest from AoC, take pleasure in knowing you're certainly not alone.

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