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GamePro: MGS4 'one of the greatest games ever'

Though forum rumors indicate that Metal Gear Solid 4 is racking up an impressive average review score from European outlets, the only "on the record" review (read: tracked in Metacritic or Game Rankings) thus far belongs to PlayStation Official Magazine UK which awarded Kojima's opus a perfect 10/10. Of course, some moaned about how unsurprising it was to see an "official" magazine dropping tens on a PS3-exclusive so, in the interest of presenting an opposing viewpoint from a non-European multiplatform outlet, we direct your attention towards GamePro's review.

Like POM UK, GamePro isn't being stingy with the praise, pinning a glowing 5/5 review on MGS4's lapel, while calling it "one of the greatest games of all time." Oh, but it doesn't stop there. Here's just a handful of our favorite bits:
  • "This is videogame storytelling at its absolute best, and represents a new high watermark for the craft, easily surpassing the superb BioShock and the subversive Grand Theft Auto IV."
  • "MGS4 has that effect on players, effectively blurring, if not erasing, the line that divides games and cinema. It's an absolutely remarkable achievement."
  • "But if you have access to an HDTV, MGS4 will show you the bleeding edge of video game graphics."
  • "It sets new standards for graphics, sound, gameplay, and storytelling, and it may be years before it is equalled, let alone surpassed."
  • "You will not play a better game this year – maybe even this decade."
Check out the entire review in this month's GamePro which, we presume, should be on store shelves or in your mailbox any day now.

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