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The Empyrean Age blasts onto Singularity

Adam Holisky

Fighting for your empire of choice? Of course. Complexes full of militia fighters hacking away away at each other? That is there too. A few bugs that result in the beloved EVE Online police, Concord, blasting you for fighting the good fight in high-sec? Well, it just would not be a war without Concord and a test without flaws! The good, the bad, and the ugly parts of factional warfare in the EVE Online expansion Empyrean Age are at every pilot's fingertips. The details are conveyed in a blog, hosted on Nuyan's Hangout, that presents an in depth look at the concepts currently floating around the test server.

Factional warfare is not going to be a big ship destroys little ship game of domination. Newer players are encouraged to participate since some zones restrict ship class and eliminate the chance for a Titan to destroy your little frigate. In these zones, players attack and defend systems in an attempt to control outposts for a certain amount of time. This factional warfare feature sounds similar to the timed capture methods World of Warcraft employs. Nuyan is quick to point out that the design does have a slight hint of tauren and orc, but that EVE maintains a unique flavor that separates it from the open PvP zones in World of Warcraft. We remain hopeful that EVE will retain it's unique style and eagerly await this long awaited expansion to go live.

[via Crazy Kinux]

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