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Harmonix community team adds GameSpot alum

When GameSpot reviews editor Jeff Gerstmann was suddenly fired from his position, parent-company CNET lost nearly half-a-dozen staff members surrounding the controversy. One of those staff members, expert drummer Alex Navarro, announced he has landed at Harmonix, joining their community team, during the May 20th episode of the Giant Bomb Podcast.

"The concept of leaping headfirst into something like this, for a company I admire and respect as much as Harmonix, is straight up boner-inducing," Navarro eloquently wrote on his personal blog.

So what does this mean for Rock Band fans? Navarro will help administer the Rock Band forums as well as help writing other content where needed. Navarro also hints at a more dedicated Rock Band developer blog which we hope is akin to the work done by Luke Smith at Bungie.

The most important thing? Maybe we can finally get some Hard-Fi love in Rock Band.

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