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AT&T ships out box packed with one bag, limitless hilarity

Chris Ziegler

A colleague over at TUAW took advantage of AT&T's recent aggressive pricing on refurb iPhones, but got a whole heck of a lot more than he bargained for. First, he was shipped two identical units, which would've been cool and all if he'd been charged for only one -- but he wasn't. The next day, he got a third box from AT&T; this is about the time that we'd start freaking out that some weird glitch had caused them to send us and charge us for every refurb iPhone currently in their inventory, but it turns out this magical third parcel contained nothing more than a bag and a packing slip that read "75011 MISC iPhone PPA BAG ... $0.00". This brings a smile to our faces for several reasons: one, this means that somewhere in a dark, tall, windowless AT&T building, a mainframe computer contains an inventory code for a freakin' plastic bag. Two, that same mainframe allowed one of these bags to be shipped out with nothing in it. Three, a human being at AT&T very likely had to pack and ship this bundle of joy by hand. Good stuff, and a killer value at just $0.00. Where do we sign up?

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